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星期日, 9月 30, 2007

班會注意事項 FAQ

Q: 為什麼這次辦在台北,而且剛好選在十月七號禮拜天?

Why this time reunion held in Taipei, and happen to be on Sun, Oct 7th?

A: 會選在台北市,是因為在台北工作的同學遠比想像中的多。幾乎登高一呼提議出來就有七八位同學確定可以參加。選十月七號存粹只是挑一個幾個朋友有空的日子而已。在這邊得向中南部的同學說聲Sorry, 如果明年小弟有幸舉辦的話,也希望能夠吸取這次的經驗,能夠辦一個以南部為中心點出發的聚會。

Q: Because we have 7 or more classmates working or living in Taipei, that is more than expected. Oct 7th is a good day for many people, too. We can't meet everyone's demand, and have to say sorry to those who live in the south of Taiwan. If possible, I will hold a reunion like this in Tainan or Kaohsiung next year.

Q: 為什麼會選那家店 ?
Why is that shop?

A: 場地是Maggie 推薦的,根據實地勘查經驗,離捷運站近,方便交通,菜色也不錯,東西合璧,更重要的是可以包場地,不會有開同學會開到一半,有人被關在門外排隊等吃飯的窘境。

A: Maggie picks up the place for us. According to what she had seen, the shop is located near the MRT station and is very convenient for us. The food combines the East and the West delicious cuisine. More important, the shop allow us make a resevation in advance. In that case, nobody has to queue up while others are having lunch.

Q: 台中市會不會是個好選擇?
Will Taichung be a better place for the reunion?

A: 能夠在台中舉辦的話是在好也不過了,因為小弟就住在隔壁的苗栗。不過要考量沒有交通工具的情況下,只能在台中火車站商圈附近選擇地點。而且我們班的台中人只有丹妮,目前暫時無法確定她籌畫或參與的意願。只能說台中或許可以做為下次班會地點的參考。
A: It dosen't get any better than this if the reunion is held in Taichung for I juse live in Miao-li, where is near Taichung. But we can only choose the shops near the train station, and we only got Pandora who lives in Taichung. For the moment I have no ideas she's willing to plan or not. In that case, MAYBE it's a good idea to hold the reunion in Taichung next time.

Are professors coming?

A: 目前馬丁電話中回答說不一定,我會再威迫利誘進行道德勸說。芭芭拉老師因為行程滿檔確定不會參加。高更路克老師我已經發MAIL給他了了。也連絡執秘那邊,有高更老師的電話的人歡迎提供一下....禮拜二會確定老師們會不會參加。
A: Dr. Martin said maybe, I will keep on persuading him. Professor Barbara is not coming becasue she has made plans already. I had written an E-mail to Luke, and contacted executive Tsai. I will make sure on Tue.

Q: 既然高更老師無法確定參加,上面那張 I WANT YOU 怎麼來的 ?
Since you cannnot make sure professor Luke is coming or not, how did you get the picture?

A: PhotoshopTM 是萬能的。
Q:Piece of cake to mighty Photoshop.

Q: 我很想參加,可是真的沒辦法,怎麼辦?
Q: I'd like to participate, but I can't make it. What should I do?

A: 你可以留下你的網誌、部落格、網路相簿,伊妹爾等聯絡方式。藉由大家一起交換近況,開一場網路同學會。10/7號以後,小弟也會放上本次活動的照片、影像、活動花絮,讓大家交流一下。
A: Feel free to leave you Blog, photo album, E-mail, everything. By exchanging information, we could have a reunion on the internet. After Oct.7 I will upload the photos and videos to let people who cannot join us know!

*已知的部落格如下: 閃亮小綠部屋(Julysixpay)、秀外惠中(Carol0619) 、庭羽(VickyStacy)、潘朵拉(Pandora)、你夠了(NicAnts)、阿貴(RoddickSu)、狐狸窩 (Yupo1009),阿水(YiChwen)不想公開或是有更多同學資訊想要分享的,請按這裡或是寄信給我,我會第一時間增加/移除。

(These are the blogs and photo albums of our dear classmates so far)

星期五, 9月 28, 2007

負け犬( Defeated Dog)

這是我家的忠狗小白,跟主題沒有關係(This is my dog, Whity, which is irrelevant to my topic)

前年第一次的民航特考考過了,卻因為自己想太多,搭火車到新竹時候折返回來拿根本不需要的身分證,遲到扣分結果性向測驗被刷下來。第二次的民航特考考過了,體檢發現得到淋巴癌,好像因為這一點 (無法確認) 性向測驗又被刷下來。還好中華民國男生有天殺的兵役問題時間好像多到用不完,本年度第三次挑戰成為民航人,卻敗在一科想也想不到的英文

I passed the first stage of ATC(Air Traffic Control) exam 2 years ago, but I was failed becasuse I thought too much. On my way to Taipei to the sec test, I thought I forgot to bring the ID card which was not required. And I lost points for being late and failed, of couse. Last year, I past the first stage of ATC, again, and had physical check. At that time I was dignosed of having Hodgkin's Disease. And (possiblely) because of it, I failed again. Thanks to ROC males have sufficient time to kill during the army obligation. This year, I took the third test, but failed again in the English, the unbelivable subject.


I'm supposed that this is the God Almighty wanna to speak to me, huh.

我的個性不適合成為塔台飛航管制人員,太粗心、太容易緊張了。這次考試考英文的時候,因為前兩年都是高分接近八十通過低標六十,很自然而然的"想當然爾" 今年也應該很簡單,於是題目並沒有多看,用飆的做完,檢查一遍就提早交卷了。仔細回想一些細節包括忘記攜帶手錶掌握時間、有感覺單字詞彙增加難度等,都是可以及早預料到並且反應的。簡直就像大空難發生、事故調查委員發現有好幾百個因素同時出現、有一個免掉就不會發生一樣。假如我有戴手錶... 我就可以有更充裕的時間.... 假如可以更小心....。真是千金難買早知道、後悔沒有特效藥。 更有好幾題是看太快、超級簡單但是是個陷阱題,可以識破的。事後對答案時,我幾乎內心在淌血,心如刀割莫過於此

My personality is not a ATC type. I'm too reckless, and esay to get nervous. Because I did very well in the last 2 year English test ( nearly 80/100), I thought it was a piece of cake for me to pass the level (60/100). I did not do the test carefully but wrote the paper as fast as I could. After I did the double check, I passed the sheet to the examiner. I forgot to bring the watch to use the time well, I had a sinking feeling when I saw many new vocabularies. It could have been possibley avoided but I didn't. It was like an aviation accident caused by thousands of reasons when being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. Had I brought the watch with me on the test,... Were if I more careful.. bra bra bra. My heart was almost torn to pieces when I caculated the points after the exam.

日文形容打敗戰、落荒而逃有一個很貼切的形容詞: - 負け犬 (MAKEINU) 意思是形容敗戰之犬 (喪家犬),打架打輸了夾著尾巴跑得遠遠的狂吠的狗。"今さら何を言っても負け犬の遠吠えだ, いまさらなにをいってもまけいぬのとおぼえだ" (現在說什麼都像是喪家犬在遠吠 冏) .... 真是像是我心情寫照。英文口試這科目考八十六分也無法彌補英文選擇題與翻譯只有五十一分的痛。虧我還自稱是外文系的,(實際上也是靠這個混飯吃的) 英文考不到六十分真是無言見江東父老。..吾不禁自嘆曰:「天生一具銅觔鐵肋,不使立勳萬里外,乃槁死三尺蒿下,命也..!亦時也!....尚何言!」遂入大湖種草莓為農夫。

In Japanese, a very well-written adjective for the situation "MAKEINU" which means a defeated dog howls and runs away. "IMASARA NINIO ITEMO MADEINU NO TOOBOEDA" (It's 「no use saying [just like the howling of a defeated dog to say] anything now.) well it is just like how I feel. What I did 86 out of 100 in the English Oral test cannot mend the problem merely 51/100 in the English multiple choice and traslation. Shame on me how dare I claimed my major is English. ( I acturally make money on it) It really had me no ground not to make 60/100 points. I can't help thinking : "Though I have an eye for English learning but I didn't do well. Time and fate gave me no alternative" Maybe I just quit and be a strawberry farmer for good.


All of sudden, it's almost been a year since last october that I was dignosed of having Hodgkin's Disease.

我感謝神,也跟神禱告,如果這是該給我的工作那就讓我通過吧! 如果不是,那今年就讓它不過吧! 即使通過了筆試,後面的體檢、性向測驗、.. 一堆有的沒有的測試也會把身體狀況不好的我給幹掉的。每年準備考試也是要拼死拼活的,不如早死早超生,我是鐵了心懷著今年要跟民航說掰掰的意圖去考試的。

I give my thanks to God, and pary, too. If ATC is the right job for me, then pass the test this time. If not, I am done with it. Even if I pass the first stage, there are lots of following tests could flunk me out with my poor health condition. I prepared a lot every year for this test. I rather die earlier than hard if I'm bounded not for this job. I said I pull no punches and show no mercy to the test this year.

九月初去做檢查,當放射治療科的主任跟我說: 依照多年的經驗,放射治療後,斷層掃描顯示的腫瘤現在剩下的應該都只是無害的組織了。我頓時鬆了一口氣,至少不用活在"何杰金氏症第三期的病人只有百分之四十存活率"的陰影下。

At least it is a good thing that the Gereral Dr. in the Radiation Dep. said to me that the only stuff remain in my chest should be nothing more than ineffective tissue, according to the cat scan. I am relief now. For the moment, I don't have to worry the saying that "60 percent Patients who suffer from Hodgkin's Disease III would pass away "

Procceed the first following phisical exam in DEC.

後記: 繼阿不思‧鄧不利多不幸罹患何杰金氏症辭世後,藝人比莉也得到淋巴癌,並接受化療 (媒體沒有披露是何杰金氏症或是非何杰金氏症)

Note: Due to the failure of English test, I start to write the bilingual BLOG from now on. Please be free to write down any comments, including gramma mistakes. Thanks a lot !

星期三, 9月 19, 2007



老爸是體專畢業的,在大甲某家紙廠從基層小弟做起,當過兩三百人的總經理。後來因為公司出現營運問題,(二世祖搞得公司烏煙瘴氣) 於是離職開始專心從事園藝。就這樣經營園藝、景觀設計施工好幾年,後來我們舉家遷徙從苗栗市搬到公館,他跟叔叔們拿電鋸、材料搭起來一間很有巴里島熱帶feeling的餐廳。但建一家餐廳很簡單,經營就有點困難了。 從基本的廚師人選、餐點菜名稱、餐具的使用、該穿什麼衣服... 我就是老爸就是合不來,我主張餐廳放的音樂要類似小野麗莎的Bassa Nova風,或是像是 Enya 的 "Anywhere is" 等,營造出來一種浪漫的紛圍。老爸叔叔等一票人主張走休閒農業,每次都在放台語老歌,做出來的就是一整個鄉村的農場感覺。

後來我去當兵,放在pchome免費網頁的網站也被收回去了。附近的快速道路建好後車流直接往大湖的方向前進,沒有經過台六線。店裡頭原本的慘澹經營的生意一落千丈,老爸又從餐廳廚師的身分回到老本行園藝包工業。店裡頭那些美麗的裝潢、花花草草,因為沒有整理,疏疏落落的自成一格。最近老爸辭掉黃金小鎮的理事長職位 (小馬哥單車行來M縣時,他還被推去簡報 ),用力栽培小盆景,我看看養大一點能不能搞個Y拍好了。





那樣的運動細胞遺傳到了哪去了呢? 最近想去環島,但苦於老是瘦不下來的自己,忍不住這樣想。好像上帝要考驗我一樣,在大學畢業的起跑線上,鳴槍的同時我搞錯了方向往後跑了若干公尺... 眼看別人已經唸完研究所、在工作的工作了,我還在跟該死的病魔奮戰。

在台灣,運動員的生命是很短暫的。這我不只一次聽到老媽這樣說,可是自己也好想在某種運動的領域有特殊的表現或是家學拿出來可以嚇人一跳,... 附帶一提,我對園藝也是一竅不通。... 真是見鬼的遺傳啊! 家族並沒有得到癌症的病史啊... 我的遺傳到哪裡去了?

星期六, 9月 08, 2007

耐心的病人( a patient patient)

最近的狀況跟AC/DC的歌詞還真的蠻吻合的,HIGHWAY TO HELL ( 開往地獄的特快車,早日投胎)




去年十月,忐忑不安的心情,排隊→斷層掃描→等結果→得知胸腔有個陰影→排隊等病床→開刀→復原等結果→確定是淋巴癌→民航考試 game over → 開刀放置人工血管 → 復原開始打化療 →休息→化療→休息→化療... 化療完畢後又是做檢查,沒有控制又是放射治療,現在做斷層結果又回到去年的原點,真的無論如何都不算愉快的經驗

但是上帝爸爸跟我們說: 要時常喜悅。我記得在高雄博愛教會某次一位日籍的牧師來佈道,他說,中文的翻譯"時常喜悅"(Be joyful always)在頻率上錯了,應該是總是喜悅。

我想外文系還是有點好處的。在上帝簽給我好大一張假單裡,我還是可以增加我的英文專業。X 光叫做( x-ray) 斷層掃描叫( cat scan, CT) 正子照影( PET) 內視鏡 (endoscopy) 人工血管 (port-A) 化療叫做 Chemotherapy, 放射治療(或是叫電療) 叫 Radiation Therapy。

血液腫瘤科 (Hematology) 我得的病叫做何杰金氏症(Hodgkin's Disease) ....在醫生跟醫生的對話中總是充滿一些專業的術語 (其實也沒那麼專業),至少拿到一張全部英文的病歷報告或是摘要(summary)不會有那麼驚訝或是驚慌。

記得看過小時後看過小說《潛水鐘與蝴蝶》(Le Scaphandre et le Papillon) ,看到南方朔前輩寫的代序,只有感動莫名還有購買的衝動。並不覺得生病跟我有任何的關係,或是我有可能得到奇怪的疾病糾纏我許久的想法。直到漫長的等候還有其他的人對我投以異樣的眼光: 明明好手好腳,為什麼不去工作? (註1)

一而在再而三在我的生命中反覆的出現,我才慢慢接受這個事實。何杰金氏症(Hodgkin's Disease) 不會立刻要了我的命"quick death",它是慢慢的、反覆的、細緻的折磨,宛如絞刑台上的繩索緊緊把我勒緊到斃命。... 前一陣子一個"放洋"回來的同學跟我說到她的一個好朋友,五年前因為得到這個病,在台大接受治療,(跟我一模一樣的過程) 結果還是在日前蒙主寵召了。他也是基督徒,她跟我說。顯然主的旨意不是我們都可以理解的,我如果活下來可以發明更長壽的燈泡嗎? (註2) 我憑什麼能治癒 ? 是不是我終生都得活在死亡的陰影下、疾病的螺旋中? ...現在讀那位潛水鐘老兄說的話特別有感覺 :


其實煩惱那麼多也沒有用,至少在一連串的問號後,我會有這個 ending thought。

上帝要做的工不是凡人可以去臆測的。至少在這段沒有看到終點的旅程中,神教導了我要有耐心,我是個耐心的病人( a patient patient) 。一切仰望神,凡事禱告、凡是謝恩,一切都有神美好的旨意。


註1: 何杰金氏症(Hodgkin's Disease) 是健保範圍重大傷病(Major disease) 之一 ,只是外觀上與常人無異。我老愛跟媽開玩笑: 「重大傷病卡應該不能撘公車免錢或是看電影打折吧?」

註2: 電影搶救雷恩大兵(Saving Private Ryan) 湯姆漢克在卡帕左陣亡後,質疑用執行用許多弟兄的生命換取雷恩的任務,而有以下的對話: 「雷恩最好值得我們冒這個險,他以後能夠救世濟人,或是發明壽命更長的電燈炮」



自從去年底在家後,我去中途之家做了半年的半義工英文老師,然後,當然,放棄自己的部落格不更新 (不務正業?) 去雅虎知識遊憩。 跟線上遊戲練功打寶解任務升級一樣,在雅虎知識累積經驗值就可以由初學者升級成為實習生,..最後變成知識長。 變成知識長能幹麻 ? 我想這是大家最關心的。Well 變成知識長應該不能寫在求職履歷、申請研究所自傳,或是放在名片印出來嚇人。 但就像 WikipediaCreatCommon一樣 ,認同的人就會把這種自發性的奉獻精神、資訊取得平等,認為是理所當然的,不認同的人認為是浪費時間像是道聽塗說的網路公共廁所,或是憂心助長盜版的行為。

所以在知識+,等級這回事說穿了根本像是垃圾一樣的東西,僅供參考。高等的玩家也有可能是灌水灌出來的,回答出一連串網路搜尋剪下貼上未經整理的文章,剛註冊的新鮮人有可能恰巧是某些領域的專家。所謂行家一出手,便知有沒有,知識真是很迷人的東西,特別是個人經驗的分享、網路上搜尋不到的訊息,就像是古幕奇兵在網路的洪流裡探索未知的寶庫,進行網路考古一樣。 ( BTW: 天下霸唱寫的鬼吹燈真的很精采,不介意簡體字的朋友可以到這裡看看)

我在知識+的主要原因是因為英文。跟英文有關的東西我都想涉獵。文學、電影、翻譯、語言學、西洋音樂.... 語言對我而言是一把鑰匙,透過這個工具可以開啟一扇厚重、通往真理的道路。套句牛頓說的話: ... 我只是在海岸旁嬉戲,偶然發現一顆比平常還要不同的貝殼而欣喜不已的小男孩,但是身旁浩瀚無比真理的海洋卻靜默地躺在那兒。(註1) 學習可臻理想之境,換句話說,韓愈老先生說的聞道有先後,術業有專攻,就是降而已。

我回答問題會找一些有趣的,或是跟文化層面有關的問題。在回答別人的同時,自己也可以獲得新知或是複習以前學過的東西。 推薦幾個還蠻"自慢"(じまん) 的回答: 左岸咖啡的英文該怎麼說 ?一些有趣的英文俚語由來更多有趣的英文俚語大英雄奧迪賽最後悔的一件事情(英文)?討厭,英文單字都背不起來,該怎麼辦?為什麼西方人會有三個名字 ? (Middle Initial)。當然有不錯的回答,也有傳遞給人錯誤的知識。現在看那些回答實在有點心虛。Anyway, 我在自己的小格裡頭放上知識的名片,但不敢在雅虎知識自我介紹裡放自己BLOG的連結,恐怕放了我的sidebar留言板就會充斥一堆要我做報告或是翻譯的邀請了吧... 囧

註1: 原文是 I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me. <wikiquote>