There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. -- Ernest Hemingway

星期五, 10月 05, 2007


因為烏龜強颱科羅莎本週末襲台,本次的同學會只好延期嚕 ~




10/13 SAT 禮拜六

10/14 SUN 禮拜天


我要工作,沒辦法參加 QQ

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投票時間: 10/5 土曜日 - 10/9 火曜日

一人一票,一票一值,...我們要訂位子嚕! 如果有意見請按這裡提供或是利用右邊的留言版,謝謝,魯力!^^

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裴怡 提到...

I'll think about it!!It's far from here, you know...I'm succh a lazy girl! If on Saturday, maybe I'll go...not sure...give me some more time!!


Vergil 提到...

To dear Jessie:

you can consider staying at classmate's home in Taipei on Saturday ~ It will make you no rushy for being there. Well, if you want to stay one night with us at Alex's place, it will be nice, too :P . We can have a "ture-heart-word-big-advanture" and paint the city red, you know :)


Here comes my final dicision...I have to work on Saturday> <
Because of the typhoon, I will be on duty next Saturday(actually I am on duty this Saturday, but no working and school in Chunghua) That's all fate...God leads me to this way, and I must follow. O.K., you guys have fun...still moral support

裴怡 提到...

Oh..I forgot to re-sign in, That was my message upstairs..


Vergil 提到...


Poor Jessie,it's a shame we can't have you there. But work is a work. I'm suppposed you'll have to do it anyway.

Well, you'll be always on our mind.:)