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星期五, 10月 06, 2006

Listening Comprehension 大明星的困擾

Biff's Question Song (Stand-up Comedy)

Listening Comprehension:
NOTE: Please watch the clips above, then read the following descriptions. Each film will be broadcast as much as you like. Take your time and Enjoy it!

When the flying plane among the all street, there are lots of things people they like to meet. They shake my hand and never ask my name. And they start to ask the question that’s always the same.


Hey! What’s Michael J. Fox like? He is nice.
What’s Michael J. Fox like? Nice guy.
What’s Michael J. Fox like? He is an alien!.. stop asking me the question.

嘿,你覺得Michael J. Fox 人怎樣? 他不錯阿
嘿,你覺得Michael J. Fox 人怎樣? 人很好。
嘿,你覺得Michael J. Fox 人怎樣? 他是從火星來的! 別再問了!! (怒)

I went to the department store and met my Nephew Josh. I’m not a Jewish but like to Nash. I put on my Yamerco and started to pray, when the arriving over I heard him say:


Hey! Was that Real monor? No, it wasn’t.
Was that weird monor? No.
Was that weird monor? It’s a movie! Stop asking me the question!

....那是電影! 別再問了!

Can we take you a picture?
Come on, look me, would you pull my hand on the button of the answering machine?

別鬧了,行行好幫忙按下答錄機的按鈕( 可以阿!)

These questions are filling my head, I went to my doctor. And my doctor says:
What does the key grip do? Set applies.
What does the Best Boy do? Help the key grip.
What dose the producer do? I don’t know! Stop asking me the question!

場務(場景設計)是幹麻的? 當然是佈置場景!
那場計又是幹麻的? 幫場務佈置場景。
.........那製片勒? 鬼知道! 別再問了!

Do you all hang out together? No, we don’t.
How's Crispin Glover? Never talk to him!
Back to the Future before? Not happening! Stop asking me the question!

你跟某某人在交往嘛? 並沒有!
Crispin Glover後來怎麼了? 跟他不熟!
那真的有回到未來這回事嗎? 還真的勒! .....別再問了 !

Hey! Who is the nice famous guy you know? Adam Sandler.
Who is the biggest jerk? Cary Ducey.
How much money do you make? More than you do, so stop asking me the question!

嘿,你認識最親切的明星是? 亞當‧山德勒。
誰最王八蛋? Cary Ducey.
請問你賺的薪水有多少? 比你多啦..... ! 別再問了!

註: 這位苦命主唱Thomas F. Wilson 當年飾演回到未來 一配角 Biff Tannen,意外走紅後卻被粉絲們一直纏問著關於片中的劇情,以及電影中主角 Machael J. Fox , Crispin Glover 等問題。 其實Tomas Wilson 本人也是多才多藝,早期從"霹靂遊俠"(Kinght Rider)起家,後陸續在美國電視有線電視飾演主角或配角陸續有七十多部作品。他的官網 內收錄這位演藝巨星自彈自唱、詼諧而幽默的一面。

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